3 Eating Habits Clint Eastwood Swears To Feel Great At 92 — Eat This Not That

Clint Eastwood is one of the most impressive actors in hollywood. Not only has he been acting in films since 1955, but he continues to impress audiences even at the age of 92. And this incredible feat has many people wondering, “How did he stay healthy and full of energy for so long?”

Eastwood has always known how to stay physically fit. He started lifting weights very early in his life, around the age of 19 when, according to a 1991 article published in Bodybuilding and fitnesshe trained in “sweatshops”.

Decades later, he maintained a regular exercise routine and focused heavily on his diet and what he eats on a daily basis. While Eastwood’s eating habits helped him maintain his health well into his 90s, his habits are quite restrictive and certainly not for everyone. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend adopting such strict habits in most cases.

It focuses on how much body fat it carries

Eastwood did an interview in 1991 with Bodybuilding and fitnessnow available online at Study of physical culture. In this interview, Eastwood’s doctor at the time commented on his eating habits and exercise routine.

“Eastwood’s body fat is below 10% based on an underwater weigh scan,” said Dr Harry Demopoulos. And Eastwood commented, saying, “I’ve never carried a lot of body fat, but I’ve always been pretty good at watching my diet.”

Dr Demopoulos also commented on Eastwood’s diet at the time: “Eastwood maintains a low-fat, high-protein diet. He also pays close attention to his cholesterol levels (his father, a meat and potato man, died at the age of heart disease).”

It avoids excess sugar and alcohol

According Health Fitness RevolutionEastwood avoids added sugar whenever he can, which likely helped him maintain such good health even into his 90s.

“Stay away from carbs, especially rich desserts. Keep a scale in your bathroom. Get proper rest. Try to be optimistic. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Take vitamins. Avoid beverages loaded with sugars. Avoid excess alcohol“, explains Eastwood.

He doesn’t really eat for fun

It’s one we definitely don’t recommend trying to adopt for yourself. In an interview with men’s health magazine, Clint Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood commented on his father’s diet growing up.

“My dad doesn’t eat for fun,” says Scott men’s health“He eats Salmon and brown rice for breakfast. I guess I’m the same. If I could take a pill that gives me all the right nutrients so I can stop eating, I would.”

While it seems to have worked for the Eastwood family, that doesn’t mean we should change the way we view food. Eating for pleasure is perfectly healthy. In fact, many of the world’s longest-lived people attribute pleasure and happiness to their longevity. In other words, enjoy the foods you love!

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