5 Worst Foods to Eat for High Blood Sugar – Eat This, Not That

High blood sugar can lead to a multitude of health problems. Mainly, it can lead to Diabetesthat’s what we estimate 34.2 million people have in the USA. If you have high blood sugar, it means there is too much sugar in the blood. This is because either your body has too little insulin or your body is not working properly with insulin.

Although it can sometimes seem out of control, there are ways to manage your high blood sugar. Changing your lifestyle habits as well as your diet can help maintain it. This means eliminating certain foods that may do your body more harm than good (even if they are some of your favorites). We have compiled a list of worst foods you might eat if you have high blood sugar. Once you have read them, be sure to check 4 Eating Habits That Secretly Raise Your Blood Sugar, Dietitians Say.


“Many fruit-flavored yogurts contain more sugar than some desserts,” explains Sarah AnzlovarDR, registered dietitian and owner of Sarah Gold Nutrition. “Instead, try plain Greek or Icelandic yogurt and add a little honey to sweeten it yourself.”

Both greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurt contain more protein than regular yogurt, which can help balance your blood sugar. To spice up your yogurt, top it with fresh fruit or seeds to add fiber. Anzolvar says the fiber may also help stabilize blood sugar.

acai bowl

Smoothie bowls are just bowls of, you guessed it, smoothies! Just with a little more decoration on top, consisting of more fruits, nuts and a few other toppings. The most common is the acai bowls, consisting of dark purple fruits. Although delicious and generally nutritious, pre-made meals do not have the same effect as a fresh bowl.

“Nothing against fruit or smoothies, but when you buy a pre-made smoothie, your smoothie will most likely consist of mostly fruit juice, like a blend of Apple juice and pineapple juice mixed together and it lacks any form of dietary fiber and protein,” says Roxana EhsaniMS, RD, CSSD, LDNand national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Ehsani continues to say that dietary fiber and protein are rare to find in pre-made smoothies and smoothie bowls. Many of these premade bowls found in grocery stores are high in total carbs, which will raise your already high blood sugar even further.

Instead, she thinks it’s best to make your smoothies and smoothie bowls at home. Or ask your local smoothie store to add real, fresh, and frozen work.

“Limit fruit juice,” says Ehsani. “Instead, use milk or non-dairy milk, or even kefir, and add a source of fiber like fresh or frozen fruit. Also, seeds or nuts like chia seeds or pumpkin seeds. linen.”

She says you can even add a ball of Peanut Butterprotein powder or Greek yogurt to keep your blood sugar more stable with extra protein added.

White bread

According Melissa Azzaro, RDN, LDdietician and podcast host on Hormonally yours, foods with a high glycemic index raise blood sugar faster than foods with a lower glycemic index. This includes White breadWhite rice, potatoessodas and snacks like potato chips and pretzels.

However, you don’t need to exclude them completely.

“The glycemic index only measures foods when they’re eaten on their own,” says Azzaro. “So to reduce their impact on blood sugar, don’t eat them on their own and instead pair them with foods high in protein and fiber.”


“You might be overwhelmed with all the choices in the grocery aisles, especially when it comes to the cereal aisles,” Ehlani says. “Some grains can be very high in total carbs and lacking in both dietary fiber and protein, two nutrients that will keep your blood sugar levels stable and in check.”

If you don’t know which one cereals to choose from, Ehlani suggests it’s best to opt for a cereal that has at least three grams of dietary fiber per serving and at least three grams of protein per serving.

However, if you end up with a cereal that isn’t top quality, don’t panic, as there are ways to balance it out.

“You can even add protein on the side if you choose a high-carb cereal,” says Ehlani. “Try serving it with scrambled eggs or sprinkle with chopped eggs nut in your bowl. Or, go with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.”

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Slow Food Candy

You won’t feel as happy as a kid in a candy store when you hear about this one because treat are on the “do not eat” list.

“Unfortunately, if your blood sugar is already high, the last thing you should be eating are handfuls of Candy, which will continue to skyrocket it,” Ehlani says. “No matter what kind of candy you choose, it probably won’t help your blood sugar. Best to avoid until your blood sugar is in a safer range.”

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