“A balanced diet and running helped me lose 190 pounds”

My name is Faith Sloop (@trainingforamazing), and I’m 23 years old. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m a content creator. In competition on Fantastic race became my goal and my motivation. it got me started incorporate more nutritious foods into my diet and run weekly. I lost 190 lbs.

Before my stream weightloss trip, I’ve counted calories, restricted and monitored my weight for as long as I can remember. Growing up on a low income and busy (I wanted to be in every club), cheap fast food was most of what was accessible and convenient.

All my life I had been in the cycle of eating – restriction and binge eating – over and over again. By age 16, I had gained and lost the same 10 pounds, which felt like a million times over. After a certain point, I stopped weighing myself.

I remember during my freshman year of college, I weighed about 400 pounds. I was only 18 at the time and terrified of what my health would be like if I continued down this path.

I was looking for it motivation been healthy for a while, but things fell into place when I took a job at my college’s admissions office as a tour guide in the summer of 2017.

We had a lot of free time and I decided it would be fun to pass the time by watching a TV show. I opened the Hulu app on my phone and got a new show suggestion, Fantastic race. There were 27 seasons available, so I slowly started working my way through.

Everything has changed since that day. I knew straight away that I would do everything in my power to fulfill my dream of competing in Fantastic race. I also knew that being over 400 pounds and in the position I was in at the time, it would take a total reinvention to make that dream a reality. I decided that day that I had to be healthy so that I could one day be on the show. (My dream hasn’t come true yet, but it continues to motivate me!)

As someone who had been on a diet since childhood, the best thing I could do was to go slow.

I never took anything out of my diet (carbohydrates, sugar, etc.). Instead, I focused on adding more nutrients from healthy foods. Incorporating more than right foods, rather than eliminating the “bad foods”, that’s what worked for me.

This is what I eat in a day now.

  • Breakfast: Superfood smoothie (apple, spinach, peanut butter powder, chia seeds, almond milk)
  • Lunch: Trader Joe’s Thai Shrimp Gyoza, Edamame, Low Fat String Cheese, Seasonal Fruits
  • Snacks: Dried apricots, rice cakes, popcorn, peppers
  • Having dinner: Spaghetti squash with meatballs, turkey burgers and cauliflower tater tots, or bowls of heavy sautéed vegetables (brown rice, choice of meat, peppers, onions, pineapple)
  • Dessert: Outshine Strawberry Popsicles, Lit Ice Cream, Rice Krispies Candy

I also started exercising by walking on the treadmill at a slow pace while watching an episode of Fantastic race.

That hour I gave myself in the gym was my escape from classes, homework, and responsibilities. These days, exercise seems a bit more intense. I try to jog or run four days a week and hope to register for my first half marathon this summer!

I love the feeling of getting my body moving every day, whether it’s a YouTube dance workout (EMKFit is my absolute favorite) or a walk! I like to train at my own pace, so doing things on my own always ends up being my choice.

I won’t lie – I walked in functioning because I knew if and when my dream to compete on Fantastic race comes true, running is going to be a pretty key skill. But I found the love to be able to move my body in ways that I had never been able to before.

These three changes made my weight loss a success.

  1. Go slowly. I used to try to always speed up my weight loss by cutting out major food groups and restricting like crazy. It would work for a week, but then I would binge again. It wasn’t until I started to change who I was (making exercise a big part of my life, learning what vegetables and fruits I liked and incorporating them into my daily diet) that things really took off. exchange. I always tell people looking to lose weight, “If you’re not ready to change your lifestyle and your habits, you’re not ready to change at all.”
  2. Listen to your body. I now consider myself a “intuitive eater“, which means I don’t necessarily stick to a prescribed three-meal-a-day plan. Instead, I listen to my hunger cues. I call it “mouth boredom.” Sometimes, if I hadn’t eaten in a while, I was eating something just because. But now I really listen to my body and ask it what it needs.
  3. Learn to love moving your body. I love to tell people looking to lose weight, “If you don’t like running, you can always lose weight and never run a day in your life.” Growing up in America, many of us learn to hate exercise because it’s forced on us. You can lose weight by dancing, swimming, kayaking, walking and a million other ways. Find one you like and do it!

I lost just over 190 pounds and it took about 3.5 years.

People ask me all the time, “How did you stay motivated for so long?” And the truth is, I didn’t. What I did was to build habits that I would continue even on days when I felt unmotivated. People think that losing weight has to be about non-stop exercise and salads, and that’s just not true.

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