Affidavit: Drive-by shooting led to Dell Seton being locked out

AUSTIN (KXAN) – At least two people, including a teenager, have been charged in a drive-by shooting Friday night that caused a lockdown at Dell Seton Medical Center after the suspects ran inside the hospital.

Mario Suaste, 20, is charged with evading arrest, a third-degree felony, according to a court document. He was taken to Travis County Jail on Friday night, according to online jail records. No attorney was listed for him at the time of this article’s publication.

According to Suaste’s arrest affidavit, police believe he was driving a black car involved in the drive-by shooting and walked away from police.

There were two other passengers in the car with Suaste, including a 17-year-old who was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to a separate affidavit. Police believe the 17-year-old pointed a gun at another car and fired.

The affidavits show that two people in a white car told police the black car followed them ‘a very close distance’ to a gas station near Interstate 35 and US 290 down the road. service I-35, then onto East 53rd 1/2 Street. The black car pulled up to the left side of the white car, and as the cars lined up side by side, both sides rolled down their windows.

Words were exchanged between the white car and the black car. That’s when shots were fired, according to the affidavits. One victim in the white car told police at least six shots were heard above his head, and the second victim said he saw the front passenger of the black car point a gun at his car , according to the affidavit.

Several police cars flashed their headlights and began following the black car as it drove away from the white car, the affidavit said.

An officer in an unmarked police SUV chased the black car, which drove toward Airport Boulevard, according to the affidavit. During the chase, the black car reached speeds of over 90 miles per hour and ran a red light. This officer eventually lost sight of the black car after it drove up an I-35 on-ramp.

The APD Air Unit followed the black car and the three suspects inside from the sky. The affidavit says the unit saw the three suspects abandon their car near the Frank Erwin Center and run down Red River Street.

The same SUV officer responded to the scene and saw the suspects enter through the east entrance of Dell Seton Medical Center. The affidavit says more APD officers responded to the hospital and hospital security was alerted. CCTV was used to monitor the suspects while the hospital was locked down.

Officers found the three suspects, including Suaste and the 17-year-old, hiding under a stairwell on the ground floor, according to the affidavit. One of the suspects told police that Suaste was driving the black car and he pulled out the gun first. The firearm was found hidden in the fire extinguisher system of a hospital stairwell.

Gas station and hospital video surveillance identified the 17-year-old as the one who climbed into the front passenger seat of the black car, and Suaste as the one who climbed into the driver’s seat.

KXAN asked APD if the third suspect will be charged. We’ll update this story if more details are released.


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