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People drink all types of Beer for many reasons – to have fun, to socialize, to cool off – but rarely, if ever, is it consumed for weightloss purposes. Alcohol, especially something as heavy and dense as beer, seems to be the opposite of what you should be drinking if you want to lose weight. Most alcoholic beverages are also high in calories and contain sugar, two other reasons why they are not the best food options for those looking to lose weight.

“Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, which makes it almost as high in calories as pure fat,” says Trista BestMPH, RD, LD dietitian at Balance One Supplements. “The most commonly consumed beers on the market are made with poor quality ingredients and brewing methods that don’t take into account the amount of carbohydrates, calories or added sugars the product contains,” says Best.

But Best says it’s a different case when it comes to Bud Light NEXTa zero-carb, zero-wheat beer that it touts as the best low-carb beer for any enthusiast beer lovers who are looking to lose weight, but don’t want to stray away from their favorite drink.

“Bud Light’s new beer, Bud Light NEXT, may be one of the healthiest options for those who want to enjoy beer while losing weight,” says Best. “This beer is only 80 calories and zero carbs.”

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Why beer is able to stay low in calories comes down to a science; according to Best, the brand has perfected “their enzymatic activity in the brewing process.” The enzymes, or proteins that cause chemical reactions, found in Bud Light NEXT were able to break down the beer’s carbohydrates, a process that would normally occur in the body after drinking.

“With low carb beer, only fat, protein, and alcohol count in the calorie content,” says Best. “Most beers are fat and protein free, leaving only alcohol and minimal carbs to account for the calories they contain. Because of this, fewer excess calories are stored as fat.”

According to Best, the beer is not only carb-free, but also wheat-free, which is rare among beers, although it helps Bud Light NEXT stay carb-free.

“Very few beers are carb-free, but Bud Light has achieved that while being wheat-free,” Best says. “Bud Light NEXT is made without wheat using only barley, hops, water and rice.”

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As most beers are usually made with wheat, Bud Light NEXT is one of the few brands of beer that is safe to drink for anyone with a wheat allergy, as well as being the best low carb beer around. carbohydrates for weight loss.

“While not ideal for those with a gluten allergy or intolerancethis is great news for people with wheat allergies,” says Best.

Even though Bud Light NEXT is one of the few beers made without wheat, it is still considered beer because it is made with a grain like barley instead of wheat.

“Rather than using wheat, one of the most carb-rich ingredients, low-carb beer is typically made with rice,” says Best. “Beer is made with grains, although most are made with wheat. However, rice, barley, hops and yeast are often used for a low carb and sometimes gluten free option.”

Of course, you can’t expect to lose weight just by sitting down and cracking open a Bud Light NEXT, it must be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise for any results to occur.

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