Epic and Myriad Genetics Collaborate on EHR Integration for Genetic Testing

Myriad Genetics is working with Epic to integrate its genetic testing technology into the electronic health record used by more than 600,000 physicians.

The integration enables end-to-end workflows for healthcare providers to order Myriad tests and review their results directly in their daily Epic platform, without the need for more steps or manual ordering processes.

The ability to do this natively in Epic will give providers genetic information for more personalized care – and patients will be able to easily access their test results and other health information directly in their MyChart portal.

Myriad says it is focusing on more new customer-focused, technology-driven tools to make the genetic testing process easier for patients and clinicians, such as the recent launch of its Precise Oncology suite of tools.

With these technologies, providers can now place a single order for multiple Myriad tests and receive timely results through a unified online portal. With the Epic collaboration, the company is expanding its efforts to help physicians and healthcare systems gain faster and easier access to genetic testing.

“Simplifying the genetic screening process by making it more accessible and interoperable with electronic health records is a key part of our mission to advance the health and well-being of all,” said the President and CEO. of Myriad, Paul J. Diaz, in a press release.

This is the second such announcement involving Epic in recent months. In April, Guardant Health, which develops technologies for precision oncology, announced its own collaboration with Epic to integrate its tools into the EHR workflow. The integration will streamline clinicians’ ability to order Guardant cancer screening tests.

And last August, Foundation Medicine announced an agreement with Epic to integrate its profiling and genomic testing services.

While precision medicine is still in the learning stage for many US healthcare systems, some are ahead of the curve and using Epic to manage their genomics initiatives. In 2018, we showed how NorthShore, long ahead of the curve in integrating genetics into its care plans, is advancing its personalized medicine primary care model with its EHR.

“Genetic testing and precision medicine save lives,” said Alan Hutchison, vice president of population health at Epic. “Through this relationship, we are bringing genetic insights to the point of care at scale, giving providers and patients the information they need to make more timely and informed decisions.”

“Our collaboration with Epic reflects our strategy of partnering with other healthcare industry leaders so that we can advance precision medicine together. Increasing access to genetic information and integrating our tests into Epic’s vast network of healthcare systems represents a significant step forward to better serve patients and healthcare. suppliers,” Diaz said.

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