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Eggs are considered one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. In a recent video posted on his TikTok, social media sensation Fernando Torraca, better known as The King of Diet, claimed he ate 100 eggs a day.

Since the early days of bodybuilding, eggs have been a staple in every competitor’s diet. Healthy food is so nutrient dense that you can live on just eggs and still be healthy. Although they have high cholesterol levels, it is the “good cholesterol” that they own. Vince Girondepopularly known as the “Iron Guru”, promoted a diet of eat 36 eggs a day. He even claimed that eating so many eggs is better than going on a steroid cycle.

There has been a rise in fitness influencers following wild diets to become famous. Weam Brieche previously shared a video of him taking a bite the brain of a cow or calf and pound it with six raw eggs believed. Brieche loves the primal nature of food, just like liver kingwhich promotes an ancestral way of life.

‘The King of Diet’ revealed why he likes to eat 100 eggs a day

In a recent video uploaded to his TikTok, The King of Diet claimed he was consuming 100 eggs a day.

“They say Roids but they don’t see my difficulties,” he said. added. “It’s not easy (to) eat 100 eggs a day.”

The clip amassed around 115,000 views with 2,770 likes. Preparing Torraca’s meals seemed like a difficult task. He separated the yolks from the eggs and only wanted the whites.


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Although he has shared many videos suggesting he eats 100 eggs a day, he has never uploaded a video where he eats them all. His clips are usually accompanied by motivational speeches highlighting the dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder.

In another video posted on his YouTube account, The King of Diet revealed why he eats 100 eggs a day.

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Although he consumes around 100 egg whites a day, Torraca says he only gets two egg yolks in his diet because that’s all the fat he needs. In the video, he explains why he only eats eggs and not other high-protein foods like dairy or poultry.

“I eat egg whites, not whole eggs…only egg whites. If I eat the whole egg with all the yolks, I’m going to have severe diarrhea, okay? I eat eggs because when I eat chicken, I feel bloated, okay?

When I have gas, my belly looks like (I’m) 6 months pregnant. I do not like it. Because it’s too strong,” he said. “Instead, I eat chicken, tuna or any fish.

“I don’t eat red meat every day because I notice I’m bloated. The next day I am so bloated. Eggs take me like 30, 40 minutes, 1 hour to digest well, here we go. The fish takes me about three, three and a half hours to feel the good digestion to move on to the next meal. Red meat takes me about 24 hours to feel good.

The average small egg contains approximately 54 calories and 4.8g of protein while a the extra-large egg has about 80 calories and 7g of protein.

Watch the video below:

Fernando Torraca had already posted videos on his Instagram making the same claim. In one such video, The King of Diet was seen buying 400 eggs and writing that they would only last him four days.

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