Heard in Tredici with Ajay Raju

Ajay and Dr. David Fajgenbaum

What is your relationship with death? In this episode of Overheard at Tredici, we chat with a remarkable person who has made this his life’s work.

In the summer of 2010, 25-year-old David Fajgenbaum, a former Georgetown football quarterback nicknamed “The Beast” by his teammates, then a third-year medical student at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, nearly die for the first time. His immune system had suddenly decided to destroy his body and his organs began to shut down. As a priest administered the last rites to David, it appeared that another young life brimming with potential was about to be snuffed out. But David had other plans. Walking away from the brink of death, he brought with him a diagnosis – the rare and understudied multicentric idiopathic Castleman disease, and a relentless determination to find a cure.WATCH PART 1 | WATCH PART 2

Ajay and Steve Klasko

Steve Klasko contains multitudes; DJ, marathon runner, skydiver, author, visionary hospital administrator, and versatile disruptor, he’s so much more than can be captured in one sitting. That is why this edition of Overheard at Tredici is a two-volume set. In the first partwe talk about what drives Steve, who influences him, and how he maintains his breakneck pace, boundless curiosity, and open-minded relentlessness that made him not just a Philadelphia renaissance man, but a reformer who gets results. In the second partwe dive into Steve’s various areas of expertise, with a particular focus on his prescription for a healthcare system that finally and truly focuses on meeting patient needs. WATCH PART 1 | WATCH PART 2

Ajay and State Treasurer Joe Torsella

77th state treasurer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Joe Torsella oversees $35 billion in revenue. This is just the latest in a career of high-stakes positions for the Rhodes Scholar, Mayor Rendell-era tax-recovery prodigy, tireless financial architect of the National Constitution Center, and putative future gubernatorial candidate. In this meeting, Joe and Ajay examine Pennsylvania’s need to invest in higher education for all, whether the time is right for a new Roosevelt to emerge on the political scene, and the critical importance of making his bed soon. the morning. WATCH NOW

Ajay and Hazim Hardeman

From the basketball courts of the Raymond Rosen housing estate in North Philadelphia to the hallowed halls of Oxford University, the story of Hazim Hardeman is as improbable as it is inspiring. Once an indifferent student struggling to navigate a woefully underfunded education system, Hardeman barely managed to finish high school, but his mother’s determination sent him on a new path; first to Community College of Philadelphia, then to Temple University, and finally to the distinction of becoming Temple University’s first (and still only) Rhodes Scholar.


Ajay and Josh Shapiro

From his election as the first Democratic chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in 150 years, to a first term as Pennsylvania Attorney General who has already distinguished himself with landmark actions against the perpetrators of the opioid crisis , the clergy abuse epidemic and Trump’s ban trip, Josh Shapiro has proven himself to be a transformative and fearless advocate who isn’t afraid to take on the big fights. WATCH NOW

Ajay and John Fazio

Tredici – John Fazio is the visionary founder of rising local tech powerhouses Jarvus and N3RD Street Gamers, leading Philadelphia’s foray into the multibillion-dollar (and growing) esports industry, but don’t tell make no mistake, its ambitions go far beyond video games. WATCH NOW

Ajay and David L. Cohen

In the first episode of Heard in Tredici, Ajay has a candid conversation with David L. Cohen. In his more than three decades in politics, business, academia and the civic arena, David has achieved unparalleled fame as an indispensable political adviser, business titan and civic visionary. This is a must-have conversation for anyone who wants to learn more about David’s success as a leader and how they can learn from his experiences. He also has a bold vision of the forces that stand in the way of making Philadelphia a better city for businesses and its people. Also, how are fairness and equality different, and why can equality be a dangerous word? WATCH NOW

Ajay and Mike Quick

Sit down with Ajay for this episode of Heard in Tredici, Mike shares his knowledge of the game and his career that transcends the football field. His experiences and what he learned from them can impact anyone looking to improve their life. WATCH NOW


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