Imminent release of ‘healthy’ definition and draft plant milk guidelines

The FDA – which previously announced plans to release draft plant-based milk labeling guidelines by the end of June, told us: “The FDA intends to release draft guidance soon, which is expected to be titled “Labelling of Plant-Based Milk Alternatives and Voluntary Nutrient Declarations: Draft Guidance for Industry.” The draft guidelines are currently under review by the OMB​ [which has a standard review time of 90 days].”

When asked when the FDA would define “healthy,” the agency replied, “The FDA has drafted a rule proposal and the rule is under review by the OMB.​” Separately, two studies – described here​into a symbol that companies can use on products that meet the “healthy” definition will be conducted”in the near future“, added the agency.

Plant milk labeling

While terms such as “soy milk” and “oat milk” are banned in the EU (where Oatly is an oat drink), they are widely used in the US (where Oatly is milk oats). And the FDA – critics say – fluctuated unnecessarily on whether these terms mislead or violate buyers. federal identity standards,​​​ which limit the term “milk” to “milk secretionsof cows.

For example, the FDA questioned the term “soy milk” in warning letters to a few manufacturers in 2008 and 2012, but then maintained radio silence on the subject until then – the Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Scott Gottlieb revived the debate mid-2018, told delegates at a conference in Washington that “We have a standard of identity for milk ​​and I intend to enforce this… an almond does not produce lactation.

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