Parents at Grissom High School Respond to Director of Nutrition at School Meals

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (WHNT) — Complaints from parents of Grissom High School students have turned the school lunch issue into a high-profile conversation about the district’s health food policy.

The conversation opened the door to parents from other northern Alabama school districts.

Most of them are in reaction to this week’s rebuttal by Huntsville City Schools Nutrition Director Henry Ward.

As Previously reportedParental concerns about the lunch served at Grissom escalated, with the conversation raising a host of questions about the school district’s nutrition policy.

A platter of Doritos, meat and beans was served to the children and the parents say they didn’t know what was being served. Ward says the menu is available to parents and students, but the parents, who don’t want to be identified, say something is wrong with the school’s nutrition program.

“The school system needs to do its part and it needs to do it now,” an unnamed parent told News 19. “They don’t need to do it next semester, they don’t need to do it this next year, they need to do it next week.

Schools in northern Alabama have shared complaints about the lack of quality foods and the dietary needs of children. Ward told News 19 that the food served on the platter wasn’t regular Doritos — it was a healthier brand.

“We don’t serve regular Doritos first of all,” Ward explained. “All of our Doritos are low fat and all of our fries are oven-baked.”

One parent disagreed.

“For him to pretend they don’t serve those… [it’s] obvious he was wrong,” they said.

Ward’s description prompted a massive response from parents on social media, followed by posts of other cafeteria-served items. Parents say Grissom’s kids don’t get to choose their lunch.

“If most kids cross a line making choices then there shouldn’t be too many schools that don’t get that so why can’t they double down on schools that don’t get that don’t have that opportunity and make sure those kids don’t have the choice of having the same nutritional meals as everyone else,” the parent said.

The parents say they wanted to divert the attention Grissom received from this controversy.

They say they would like the school’s director of nutrition to review what is served and raise the value of nutrition.

“I can imagine the staff and teachers at Grissom are just as frustrated,” a parent said. “They work so hard to provide our children with a positive environment to help them grow.”

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