Pumpkin seed oil may benefit heart health

Could your ticker use support? According to American Heart Association (AHA), nearly half of American adults suffer from cardiovascular disease. This common health problem can manifest in several serious complications or even death if left unchecked. Luckily, there are many ways you can give your heart the support it needs, such as by consuming pumpkin seed oil.

Derived from unshelled pumpkin seeds, cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil (also called oil nugget) has a wide range of uses, from cosmetics to health and wellness. You can find it in most grocery stores and some health stores. Like pumpkin seeds, the coveted oil is an excellent source of essential nutrients, especially vitamin E. It also contains omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, which are fantastic for the heart.

Researchers from Harvard University say these healthy fats can support the body’s natural defense against heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. In other words, if you’re looking to support your heart health, nutritious oil derived from pumpkins might just be the way to go. That said, here are some other great benefits of pumpkin seed oil.

It supports the immune system.

Whether you have diabetes, digestive disorders, cancer, cognitive decline, high blood pressure, or heart disease, each begins with a side effect of inflammation at the cellular level. This is why inflammation is sometimes called “root of all disease.”

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural defense mechanism and plays a major role in healing. When the body discovers an intruder, such as an irritant or pathogen, it launches a natural biological response via inflammatory cells and cytokines to attempt to eliminate it.

Although the immune system does a great job of keeping your body healthy, sometimes it can mistakenly perceive natural tissues or cells as a threat. This reaction can lead to autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

As mentioned earlier, pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamin E, which may be able to support the body in the fight against free radicals and, therefore, soothe the body’s immune response. If you’re struggling with an inflammatory issue, consider talking to your healthcare provider about adding pumpkin seed oil to your diet.

It improves urinary tract health.

The oleic acid, linoleic acid, and micronutrients in pumpkins have experts wondering if pumpkin seed oil supplements could improve urinary tract and prostate health. In scientific studies published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicineresearchers have found that pumpkin seed oil extracts soothe symptoms of urinary disorders, especially overactive bladder.

It promotes mental well-being.

Believe it or not, the findings of the British Journal of Psychiatry showed that pumpkin seed oil improves outlook. Researchers found that children with prolonged feelings of sadness who consumed pumpkin seeds felt a positive mood. This may be due to the seed’s high potassium and magnesium content, which soothes feelings of stress. Pumpkin seeds are also a rich source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that supports serotonin production and feelings of calm and relaxation.

To note: Depression is a mental health disorder that affects more than 21 million people in the USA. Sadness is a perfectly normal and healthy emotion, but if you think you have a depressive disorder, talk to your doctor to get the help you need.

It facilitates hair growth.

For most of us, thinning hair is a fact of aging. Pumpkin seed oil, however, might help alleviate this. In a study 2021 in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatologyresearchers compared the beneficial oil to five percent minoxidil foam on hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia). They randomly assigned participants to a group of pumpkin seeds or minoxidil for three months. The study indicated that pumpkin seed oil might be worth a try for those looking to grow long, luscious locks.

It alleviates the symptoms of menopause.

Pumpkin seeds may be tiny, but they’re rich in natural phytoestrogens (plant compounds comparable to human estrogen) and phytosterols (plant compounds comparable to cholesterol), which can naturally support healthy blood pressure, soothe hot flashes and depression. joint discomfort, and other common symptoms of menopause. According researchers2 grams of pumpkin seed oil daily for 12 weeks has been shown to help postmenopausal women find relief.

It supports healthy skin.

Pumpkin seed oil is an amazing herbal ingredient that can work wonders for the integumentary system as it is rich in several skincare nutrients.

  • Vitamin A keeps the skin taut and healthy.
  • Vitamin B softens the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitamin C minimizes the appearance of dark spots.
  • Vitamin E reduces inflammation and helps strengthen skin barrier function.
  • Potassium supports the rapid growth of new cells for a youthful, radiant complexion.
  • Magnesium strengthens the skin against acne.
  • Zinc encourages cell turnover and helps maintain healthy collagen levels.

In addition, the nourishing oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. These three fatty acids are crucial for a healthy integumentary system. Simply put, the omega fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil form the key building blocks of the skin, which means a naturally smooth, youthful, and healthy complexion.

It promotes eye health.

Pumpkin seed oil is great for the skin, but did you know it’s also good for your peepers? Beneficial oil is full of nutrients known to support eye health. One such nutrient is zeaxanthin, a carotenoid that can help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light. Carotenoids give pumpkins their warm, orange hue and help strengthen and protect vision.

A 2014 study have shown that carotenoids can help the body’s natural defense against various conditions. The carotenoid zeaxanthin in pumpkin seed oil acts as a powerful antioxidant. This may help support eye health, especially in people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This common condition affects visual acuity as you age, causing blurred vision, inability to see in dim light, and even partial or complete vision loss. Pumpkin seed oil is also a rich source of vitamins (such as C and E) and minerals (such as zinc), which are great for eye health.

The last word

Adding pumpkin seed oil to your diet is a smart way to give your body what it needs to stay healthy and happy. Mix it in your vinaigrette, replace it with coconut oil in relevant recipes, or take it as a supplement. Either way, you will receive a ton of these benefits. But of course, always speak with your doctor before taking any new supplements!

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