Solution Development Lifecycle | MUSK

Each solution submitted to our team goes through a rigorous analysis phase to understand the scope, need, value and competition in the market. The main evaluation criteria include:

  • Speed ​​of valuation
  • Leadership experience and vision
  • Organizational alignment
  • company stadium
  • Competitive positioning and market differentiation
  • Return on investment opportunity

Advisory Board

The advisory board will provide advice and industry knowledge gained through years of experience in their respective fields. The board will provide an unbiased perspective to the MUSC Health Solutions team to assess the sustainability, profitability and potential success of a solution or opportunity. The council will also present opportunities that MUSC Health Solutions can pursue, if appropriate.

Board members come from various sectors: finance, agriculture, economics, health, retail, IT and information exchange, hospitality, distribution, data science, telecommunications, digital health, biotechnology, construction, public relations, etc. .

Internal collaborations

Zucker Institute for the Commercialization of Innovation

How we partner: The MUSC Foundation for Research Development (FRD) and the Zucker Institute for Applied Neurosciences (ZIAN) have joined forces to become the Zucker Institute for Innovation Commercialization. Many solutions include intellectual property disclosure. This institute supports our efforts to ensure that the creators of our solutions, whether technology, workflow or know-how, are recognized and rewarded for their work and provide selected opportunities at MUSC Health Solutions that require additional support – they help fill the wallet.

Biomedical Informatics Center (BMIC)

How we partner: When new technologies require testing in a clinical environment, we often turn to BMIC to support building infrastructure in sandbox research environments. This group is staffed with strong technicians and developers who support the pilots of the MUSC healthcare solution.

External Affairs Office

How we partner: Health Solutions often provides opportunities for the organization that result in mutually beneficial partnerships, which we work with External Affairs to facilitate and help establish.

Innovation Office

How we partner: We partner with the Office of Innovation to identify pain points across the organization and find solutions. Whether an idea is fully developed or early in its lifecycle, the Innovation Office engages us whenever our expertise can help accelerate the development and delivery of a solution.

telehealth center

How we partner: Many solutions produced by MUSC Health Solutions require input, feedback or support from the telehealth office. They are always ready to explore new ideas and opportunities to provide and co-develop innovative services to patients and customers.

General Counsel’s Office

How we partner: All solutions require some level of commitment from the Office of the General Counsel. The legal team provides expert knowledge in building relationships, reviewing and recommending relevant legal documentation, and managing risk.

Computer science

How we partner:Solutions has a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) who acts as a liaison between our team and the IT team to understand the IT lift and resource requirements for solutions that flow through our pipeline. Our partnership allows for clear communication to ensure that efforts are aligned and that solutions in our healthcare system’s app archive are not duplicative. MUSC Health Solutions is able to optimize products/services across the entire healthcare system ecosystem and Information Solutions is looking for the technology support needed to get things done.

Information security

How we partner: In partnership with MUSC’s IS security team, MUSC Health Solutions acts as a liaison between them and the security teams of external vendors. In doing so, we are able to manage risk appropriately by monitoring and reviewing all solutions, vendors and services that we intend to implement or partner with. We adhere to the strict protocols and requirements of MUSC’s IS Security team, which we take very seriously to protect all proprietary data and maintain the integrity of our systems.

Marketing and Branding

How we partner: Spin-offs and new services require a lot of support from the marketing department, whether it’s creating campaigns or branding. They are highly trained, have access to great marketing tools and have a network of resources to ensure that we communicate and send messages to the right audience in the most effective, efficient and simple way. !


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