The National Academy of Sports Medicine in Arizona has pivoted with the pandemic

Many industries that relied on personal contact have felt the powerful pinch of the pandemic.

By its very nature, the fitness profession has been among the hardest hit. But that hasn’t deterred the National Academy of Sports Medicine from doing what it has done since 1987.

Based in Gilbert, the academy has built an international reputation for its multitude of fitness certifications spanning the gamut from personal training and nutrition to an evolving selection of health and fitness specialties.

And when personal training and coaching came to an abrupt halt, the organization found creative new ways to serve its customers so they could continue to serve their own.

This involved rapidly shifting to virtual training and digital applications, developing hybrid models that would allow training to take place where people feel comfortable as well as other methods to maintain strong communication, a said CEO Laurie McCartney. Podcasts and other media were also used to help everyone give as much information as possible to the industry about this mysterious new virus that was dominating the world.


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