Tricia Derges guilty of 22 counts of fraud and unlawful orders

Tricia Derges, a state legislator and founder of several medical clinics in southwestern Missouri, was found guilty on Monday of all charges brought against her by federal prosecutors.

A jury found Derges guilty of 22 counts, including wire fraud, illegal distribution of controlled substances and making false statements to investigators. They also voted to allow law enforcement to take back nearly $300,000 in federal pandemic aid Derges received from Greene County.

The ruling marks the end of a two-week Springfield criminal trial and federal investigation dating back to the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s about an elected official who stole money from the public, an alleged humanitarian who deceived and lied to her patients, and a medical professional who illegally distributed drugs,” U.S. attorney Teresa Moore said in a statement.

Members of the prosecution team speak at a press conference after Patricia

“She violated her position of trust to selfishly enrich herself at the expense of others. But a jury of her peers, in a unanimous verdict, saw through her smokescreen of excuses and ridiculous claims, and now she will be held accountable for her criminal behavior.”

Testimony from federal and local officials, Derges associates and medical experts described a broad prosecutorial case, in which they focused on discrepancies between the finances of his for-profit and non-profit clinics, her constant publicity for treatments she claimed contained stem cells and her request for Greene County pandemic relief money.


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