UNC Health Southeastern Celebrates Class of 2022 Resident Graduation

LUMBERTON — The graduation of 22 residents from the emergency medicine, family medicine, and internal medicine residency programs was celebrated June 17 by UNC Health Southeastern.

These residents formed the fifth promotion of the medical training program of the health system.

Audrea Caesar, UNC Healthcare System’s senior diversity, equity and inclusion officer, delivered the keynote address.

“You have been uniquely prepared to address health inequities in your practice,” said Caesar, PhD. “You were trained in a rural hospital, during a global pandemic, a social justice movement, an insurgency in the midst of a global mental health crisis. Even with all of this, you have all served your patients and the community with grace. You have stamina and resilience.

The emergency medicine graduates were Amna Masood Farshori, DO; Gabriel Gomez, DO; Kristin Erika Hrabowy, DO; James Philip Pursglove, DO; Krista Lynn Pursglove, DO; Curtiss J. Smith, MD; and Shane Xiong, DO.

The family medicine graduates were Daniel Evan Boykin, DO; Uma Bhargavi Pendem, MD; Mashud Rana, MD; Kishore Sathiraju, DO; and Karun K. Singla, MD.

Internal medicine graduates included Moyosola Olamide Abdul, MD; Jean-Paul Alishahi, DO; Michelè Alexis Brandon, DO, MS; Hau Phuc Bui, MD; Jason Thomas Hance, DO; Stephen Joseph Hribar, DO; Kalyan Kancherla, MD; Mustafa Kamal Kareem, MD; Jason Yung Lo, MD; and Farai Mutongwizo, DO.

“Each of us has a responsibility to become self-aware,” Caesar said. “We should strive to understand our biases and learn more about groups that are different from ours. Humanizing people from all walks of life is essential to providing culturally appropriate and respectful care. Patients want to be seen, heard and they want to feel good. It is the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities in health that could save the American health care system billions of dollars a year. Be proud to have been trained at UNC Health Southeastern. The vast majority of residency programs in our state and country are not as diverse as this one.

Residence scholarships

Some program residents, attending physicians and nurses with whom they worked, also received special awards at the graduation ceremony. The prizes awarded were:

— Emergency Medicine Resident of the Year: Shane Xiong, DO;

— Family Medicine Resident of the Year: Uma Bhargavi Pendem, MD;

— Internal Medicine Resident of the Year: Moyosola Olamide Abdul, MD and Jason Yung Lo, MD;

— Emergency Medicine Assistant of the Year: Brianna Crosby, MD;

— Family Medicine Guest of the Year: Kevin Martin, DO;

— Internal medicine and transition year Participant of the year: Juliet Ekatan, MD;

— Emergency Medicine Nurse of the Year: Selina Locklear, RN.

— Family Practice Nurse of the Year: Regina Scott, RN;

— Internal Medicine Nurse of the Year: DJ Strickland, RN. ;

Context of the medical education program

UNC Health Southeastern and its affiliates have been a major clinical campus for Campbell University’s Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine since 2015.

In February 2013, then Southeastern Health, formalized an engagement with the Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine to train medical students from Southeastern Regional Medical Center and other health system affiliates. Campbell’s first 40 medical students arrived on the Health System campus the week of July 27, 2015 to begin their third-year rotations and continued their medical education until they graduated from medical school.

Funded by $1.6 million in grants, Southeastern Health unveiled a newly renovated 10,000 square foot space for the Department of Medical Education at an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony held May 28 July 2015 in the SRMC cafeteria. The space, located on the fourth floor of the medical center’s administrative wing, is now the education center for UNC Health Southeastern, offering student lockers, a 100-seat classroom, a small classroom, a library medical electronics, a resident/student lounge and meeting room, and administrative offices for the medical education department.

The education wing was made possible with funding from The Duke Endowment, The Golden LEAF Foundation, North Carolina Department of Commerce, and The Cannon Foundation.

In July 2018, 25 new physicians from various universities across the country who chose Southeastern Health as their residency training ground, participated in three residency programs, training programs where physicians train before entering practice, in the fields of family medicine, internal medicine and emergencies. Medication.


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