Why the Carnivore Diet is Popular Right Now

“Think like a plant,” Paul Saladino, known on the internet as Carnivore MD, tells me from the confines of a YouTube video.

He’s trying, as he often does, to convince the world that vegetables are probably not good for us, and that a diet consisting almost entirely of meat is the best way to “thrive”.

“If we think about this in an intuitive, high-level, non-science way…plants are going to put all of their defense chemicals into those parts of the plant,” Saladino says.

This is one of his few video posts in which he wears a shirt. In fact, it’s a habit among carnivorous influencers to appear shirtless, barefoot, and generally look as much like “our ancestors” as possible.

Another influencer, known as Liver King, addressing his followers as “primals”, roared on camera about the merits of taking his shoes off.


“You are connected, grounded, [because] why would you let your surroundings dominate you?” Liver King said.

Such content is the most extreme expression of carnivorous culture online. Many of these influencers have monetized their social media presence and are selling their own nutritional supplements.

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